Plenty Grub and an Easy Life

By: Nikki Jordan

Chef Ford Fry of Rocket Farm Restaurants is awfully busy these days with his hands in JCT. Kitchen and Bar, No. 246, and The Optimist, which was recently named Best New Restaurant by Esquire Magazine–– and now a new restaurant opening next month in Buckhead called King + Duke. The name comes from two characters in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the classic American novel by Mark Twain:

'This ain't no bad thing that we've struck here—plenty grub and an easy life—come, give us your hand, duke, and le’s all be friends.’ -The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn [Mark Twain]

To Fry, the technique brought elements of classic literature to mind. Growing up, the chef loved the Twain novel, its characters the king and the duke, who “put on the facade of being royalty but were actually hillbillies.” [EaterAtlanta]


The new restaurant will take on an open hearth style of cooking, with a 24-foot wood-burning hearth maintained by Executive Chef Joseph Schafer, currently Chef de Cuisine at JCT. Kitchen & Bar. The food you should expect is said to be honest and exacting, taking rich proteins such as Duck and adding other ingredients, all to be cooked within the open flames––simple flavors, but flavors you wouldn’t expect to find at any other restaurant.                              

King + Duke is now hiring for front and back of the house, to apply check out

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