THE ONE to be at.

By: Nikki Jordan

It’s 9 o’clock on Friday night, and you’ve got about two hours to kill until the night really begins. Put down that $6 bottle of Pinot Grigio, throw away those leftover nachos and go call you’re friends, ‘cause it’s Shochu time! Oh, you don’t know what Shochu is? How about we let THE ONE introduce you to this Japanese gem and you can thank us later––and yes, we’ll accept a round of drinks; we’re fond of the citrus sudachi! 

After you’ve downed your first round of Shochu at this Brookhaven hot-spot, take a gander at the cold section of their menu where you’ll be able to offer your guests more shots (no, not those, the edible kind!). We don’t want your night to end before it’s even starts, now do we? Say “hello” to the Yellowtail Jalapeno Shots––four shots you’ll want to savor––with cilantro, sriracha, radish, balsamic pearl, and honey yuzu.


Now that we’ve got you started, let’s talk sushi. “What kind”, you ask? Well we think THE ONE has a pretty killer list of signature rolls, so let’s start there. If it’s an ‘out on the town’ kind of night with the ladies, may we suggest the Sex and the City Roll? Spicy tuna, tempura flakes, tuna, mango, avocado and a sweet soy glaze & creamy spicy drizzle make up this delicious creation. And how about setting it off with a Tokyo M&M––think Makers, sake and a Barley Tea Popsicle, yum! Now if it’s a ‘just got the promotion’ kind of night, you’re getting the Foie Gras Nigiri. With shiso, honey miso glaze, a pomegranate foam, and balsamic pearl, this one speaks volumes. Or if it’s just an ‘out with good friends, enjoying great company’ kind of night, then we highly recommend the L.O.L. Roll with salmon, mango, cream cheese and soy paper––flash fried topped with a spicy crab tuna mix and lotus root chips. This one’s sure to get the good times rollin’! Oh, we’re ready for drinks again? Slow down there champ. How ‘bout we order one last meal for the table. And we know exactly what to get you: Spicy Tuna on the Rocks, crispy sushi rice balls with jalapeno, cilantro and soy garlic chili.

Alright, now we can talk real drinks. Of course, you can have more Shochu. Go right ahead! But did we mention THE ONE also imports their beers from Japan? How about trying the Samurai Barley on for size? At 10 percent ABV you and your friends will be good to go for the rest of the night. And yes, it’s completely natural squashing all plans to go out so you can continue this fantastic evening at THE ONE. Happens all the time! 


A warm and relaxed dining experience in an industrial interior decor, THE ONE is a modern interpretation of a traditional Japanese restaurant. Sushi, sashimi, and new Asian cuisine served tapas-style with a full bar in a relaxed dining atmosphere.

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